111 Self Love Affirmations

It is so important to show yourself love and appreciate the person you are. Inner happiness is crucial for a better life and a more positive outlook on life. These 111 self love affirmations will help you find words and sentences to kick-start your journey towards more self worth.

What Are Self Love Affirmations?

Affirmations are powerful, positive statements that can be used to better your mindset and the way you look at yourself. By doing this, you automatically attract happier and more positive things into your life. By shifting your mindset, you’ll start to focus on these new beliefs and your view on life will change completely.

Often, we have very negative self-talk with ourselves. Whether we want to or not, it’s easy to criticise yourself. Even self-deprecating jokes may seem a funny way to make others laugh, but they have a very negative impact on the way you see yourself. Your brain doesn’t know the difference between a joke and the truth. All it knows is that you’re telling yourself these statements which it beliefs to be true.

Especially in our world today, where we are bombarded with unrealistic images online and people only sharing the positive aspects of life, it’s hard to always love yourself. But inner happiness and contentment with yourself are fundamental to living a positive life.

How To Use Affirmations For Self Love?

Using self love affirmations are a great first step to start shifting your mindset towards yourself. Start paying attention to how you speak to yourself in your mind. Is it positive? Would you talk to a friend like that? Or could it use a bit of love and compassion?

The best way to use these affirmations is pick a few that speak out to you. Write them down somewhere so you won’t forget. Every single morning, tell yourself these affirmations. It’s best to do this out loud, to yourself in the mirror.

While it may seem or feel stupid at first, especially if you don’t fully believe these statements or mantras yet, it’s super important to stay consistent. This is how to glow up your mindset. Keep telling yourself in the mirror every morning and watch your mindset, your life, and your attitude change completely. You got this!

111 Positive Self Love Affirmations

If you need any inspiration for affirmations for self worth, here are my top 111 favourite ones. Read them, pick the ones that resonate with your, and use them to love yourself more.

  1. I forgive myself
  2. I am blessed
  3. I choose not to take things personally
  4. People want what I have
  5. I celebrate myself and my successes
  6. My fears do not hold me back
  7. I love myself
  8. My relationship with my body is great
  9. I am never alone, the universe has got my back
  10. I am optimistic and positive
affirmations for self love
  1. I feel confident
  2. My love for myself is unconditional
  3. Every part of my body radiates beauty
  4. Everything is possible for me
  5. I deserve all the good things that happen to me
  6. I am not my mistakes
  7. I appreciate myself
  8. I let love in
  9. I let go of negativity
  10. I appreciate myself
  1. I stand by my decisions
  2. I am a good friend
  3. My confidence is growing every day
  4. I am whole
  5. My life is in perfect balance
  6. I am unique and special
  7. I accept who I am
  8. I respect my boundaries
  9. Today, I celebrate myself
  10. The universe supports me
self love affirmations
  1. My voice and opinions are valuable
  2. I am safe
  3. All the knowledge I need to succeed is within my reach
  4. I grow every day
  5. I am enough
  6. I am doing a great job
  7. I do not judge myself or others
  8. My struggles are just opportunities to learn
  9. I am free to make my own choices
  10. My life is a blessing
self worth affirmations
  1. Life doesn’t have to be perfect to be great
  2. I believe in myself
  3. I trust my body’s wisdom
  4. I am not average, I excel
  5. I control my fears, they don’t control me
  6. I am kind to myself
  7. I have great potential that I tap into every single day
  8. Others look up to me
  9. I am the healer of my life
  10. I like who I am
self worth affirmations
  1. I am in control of my reality
  2. I feel beautiful today
  3. I respect myself
  4. People treat me with respect
  5. I am fierce
  6. My body is the vehicle to my dreams
  7. I am authentic and true
  8. I am a special person
  9. I belong here
  10. My life is a miracle
self worth affirmations
  1. I am great at what I do
  2. I focus on the bright side
  3. Positive thinking creates positive things
  4. I deserve success and happiness
  5. I am worthy
  6. I am valued
  7. I have a lot to offer
  8. I choose to view life in a positive light
  9. I am not afraid to feel my feelings
  10. I am supported in all I do in life
self love affirmations
  1. I have great and valuable ideas
  2. I embrace my flaws because nobody is perfect
  3. I am open to receive love
  4. Love flows within me
  5. I find happiness within myself
  6. Bad things that have happened to me aren’t my fault, but it’s my responsibility to heal from them
  7. I accept compliments easily
  8. I am proud of who I am and what I’ve done
  9. Success is coming my way
  10. I am worthy of love
self love affirmation
  1. I am infinite
  2. My life is filled with opportunities and love
  3. I trust my intuition
  4. I choose to see things differently
  5. I make a difference in the world
  6. I am balanced
  7. I am proud of myself
  8. I believe in the person I am becoming
  9. I greet every day as a gift
  10. I am not my negative thoughts or emotions
self love affirmation
  1. I honour my life path
  2. I am strong
  3. I feel good about myself
  4. I expect the best for myself
  5. I am confident in my individuality
  6. I have so much inner beauty
  7. I am exactly who I need to be
  8. I stop apologizing for being me
  9. When I take time to love myself, I become more lovable
  10. I am grounded and supported
affirmations for self love
  1. I am magnificent
  2. Loving myself comes naturally to me
  3. I achieve anything I put my mind to
  4. I feel great about who I am
  5. I have the power to change my life
  6. I have a positive effect on others
  7. I choose me
  8. The universe is out to do me good
  9. I nurish my soul
  10. My life is founded on respect for myself and others

And my all-time favourite: 111. I am radiating light.

affirmations for self worth

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