The Best Pinterest Course For Bloggers – Grow Your Traffic!

When you have an online business or website, you want to make sure it gets in front of people, right? The hours you spend writing posts and creating content shouldn’t go to waste. I personally gain my traffic on my two websites through SEO & Pinterest.

As an SEO specialist, my main focus has always been on optimising my content for search engines. That’s what I’ve been doing for years and I’ve always had great results with it. But like with income, it’s never a bad idea to diversify your traffic.

If Google has a massive update and your site has been hit, it’s good to have another place where you can grow your traffic. Pinterest has been that source for me over the last year – and I love it!

Why should I use Pinterest for my blog?

There are many ways to grow the traffic to your website: SEO, Pinterest, social media, your email list, an article going viral – but from my experience SEO and Pinterest are the two that can really skyrocket your website.

SEO is my number one source of traffic, but it takes a long time to get the ball rolling. Google can take weeks, months even, for your articles to rank. It would be a waste of time to not do anything with your articles until then!

Especially for new websites (like The Glow Up Project), Pinterest is a great way to get started. Google takes 6-12 months for new websites to be noticed/indexed properly. So rather than waiting a year to start getting some organic traffic, head over to Pinterest to start getting hundreds of daily visitors.

And why not combine the two? If you can gain traffic from both Google AND Pinterest, you get the best of both worlds.

How do I use Pinterest for my blog?

So how do you use Pinterest for your blog? Just over a year ago I had no idea that Pinterest could be a source for traffic. I had a few boards on it for outfit inspiration and recipes, but I had never thought about linking pins to my own website.

Then I found Big Pin Energy. This course is designed by Pinterest Guru Emily, who generates more than 2 million views to her website per year. Her monthly impressions on Pinterest reach to over 10 MILLION!

Her course explains exactly how to set up your Pinterest boards, how to make sure your pin designs and description are in line with the Pinterest algorithm and she also provides a blueprint on how often and when you should pin new pins.

I bought Big Pin Energy at the first arrow and started implementing the tips slightly. It wasn’t until I started doing EXACTLY what the course told me to do until the second arrow. And boy am I glad I did! Doing exactly what Emily recommended has helped me gain over one million monthly impressions on Pinterest and thousands of clicks to my website.

Obviously COVID-19 hit my travel website quite hard, but I decided to get back onto Pinterest and start using Big Pin Energy’s blueprint again. It didn’t take long before I doubled my monthly impressions and started to see a huge increase in traffic to my blog too.

This is by far the best investment I made for my blog. It’s given me a new way to generate traffic quickly and increase my viewership. Without it, I don’t think I would’ve even started this second website because I know how much effort and time it takes to get anywhere with a brand new website with SEO.

If you have any questions about this course, please let me know in the comments!

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